Nossa meaning

Possessive pronoun, exclamation

Our, ours or wow!

We want to ‘wow you with our modern and contemporary world cuisine, award winning wines and exciting cocktails.

Feel a sense of belonging and immerse yourself in the experience. Make nossa ‘YOURS’ ; your restaurant of choice.

Nossa will be serving modern and contemporary world cuisine in a beautiful newly refurbished restaurant in the heart of Market Harborough, just off the High Street on Abbey Street.  

Nossa will also have an ‘exclusive’ outdoor, covered, heated Champagne Bar on the first floor which will be available for private events as well as special parties.

Nossa is now open for private bookings, events and work parties.


Sunil Poduval

Sunil Poduval

A seasoned professional and entrepreneur, Sunil started his career as a computer scientist with British Telecom in Birmingham, which then led to a stint in the Silicon Valley on developing and marketing wireless technologies which led to the building of UK’s mobile networks of Orange and Mercury One-2-One.  After leaving the Technology sector Sunil decided to follow his passion for Food and Wine.  He started Good Earth Corporation ( which is a purveyor of fine foods and exclusive wines and spirits.  He is the ‘exclusive ‘importer of some of the finest natural, organic, biodynamic as well as vegan and vegetarian wines.  These wines have won several industry awards including Silver, Gold and Top Gold. Sunil’s company GoodEarth supplies these wines and spirits to several ‘fine dining’ and ‘Michelin starred restaurants throughout the country. They are exclusive and not sold anywhere else.

So, Market Harborough will be able to sample these award-winning exclusive wines, spirits and cocktails which will be paired with the modern and contemporary world cuisine on the nossa menu.